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Humboldt Wild

Humboldt County is a jewel in the crown of NW California. There are over one hundred miles of spectacular coastline, six major rivers, four large lagoons and an abundance of springs and creeks, especially in the winter. These course through ten state parks, sixteen county parks and beaches, the King Range National Conservation area and much of the Six Rivers National Forest. The magnificent Redwood Forests can be found throughout Humboldt County.

9X11  |  168 pages
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“Arleen Olson’s Humboldt Wild showcases the unique beauty of the Humboldt country and community. Through her photographs, one is transported into this wild, wonderful place where nature, animals and people come together to form one of the most exquisite and magical places on the planet.”

Julia ‘Butterfly’ Hill

“In our travels, we seek the last, best, wild places on Earth. It is always a joy to return to Humboldt County. The stunning beauty of Humboldt Wild will show you why.”

Michael Muir, great-grandson of John Muir and Executive Director of Access Adventure

Humboldt Wild
Mountains, forests and rivers
Twelve Postcards

Includes twelve postcards from Arleen Olson’s book: Humboldt Wild.


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Soon to be published

Orchid Angels

I’m passionate about capturing the essence of my subjects, be it landscapes, people or more recently orchids.

From the moment I macro-photographed orchids in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, I was captivated by their unique beauty and fascinating personalities. To my eye, orchids close up appear to have human, animal and even angelic characteristics. Their petals remind me of angel wings. I call them Orchid Angels.

With as many variations as your imagination can fathom, orchids go to extreme lengths to attract pollinators to ensure their reproduction. The bottom petal, which form the lip, is the entrance to the reproductive organs. Here is my focus, where orchids reveal their spirit, the animating force within all living things.

My intention is that I engage you, the viewer, in the excitement of discovery that I experience so that we can marvel together at the beauty and mystery around us.

Arleen Olson

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