A Photography Book About the Uniqueness of Humboldt County

Humboldt Wild Photography Book

This book contains 234 color photographs on 168 pages of sustainable forestry paper printed with soy ink!
9 x 11 horizontal

Humboldt County is a jewel in the crown of Northwest California. The abundance of water in its continual cycle is what makes Humboldt so distinct. There are over one hundred miles of spectacular coastline, six major rivers, three large lagoons, and an abundance of springs and creeks, especially in the winter. These course through ten state parks, sixteen county parks and beaches, the King Range National Conservation Area, and much of the Six Rivers National Forest. The magnificent Redwood forests can be found throughout the county.

The more Arleen explored this area, the more she realized what a truly unique place Humboldt County is. Humboldt Wild is a chronicle of her explorations of these wild surroundings and of the amazing spirit of the people who live here.

Her spectacular visual journey through southern, central, and northern Humboldt concludes with a chapter highlighting Humboldt’s numerous renowned local events, which, together with such a diverse environment, makes living in Humboldt County so extraordinary.

Humboldt Wild Postcard Book

Mountains, Forests, and Rivers

Includes twelve postcards from the Arleen Olson Photographer’s NEW book: Humboldt Wild.

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